How to start Freelancing as a Beginner & Get your First Project

This is a Helpful guide for all those new freelancers who are just getting started in freelancing or want to start freelancing. In this post, we have mentioned all the points from starting to getting your first job and keep doing good work. 
I am not an expert but I have more than 5 years experience in freelancing and helping people on how to start. I have a group on facebook for IT Freelancers, the group name is IT Freelancers Community. you can join here - My Facebook Group for IT freelancers. Better you all these to get help any time when you need.

This post is all about my experience I have earned through these 5 years over Upwork and other freelancing portals. I believe this will definitely help you. Now let's start - 
1. Anyone can become a freelancer like a college student, part-time worker, graduate student or even school student too but Get some skills (minimum one major skill like Graphic designing, SEO, Video editing etc) It could be anything which you like to learn and …

How Upwork paid connect policy will change the freelancing, how it will affect freelancers, Is this good or bad

Upwork is considered as best freelancing platform as there are millions of freelancers and thousands of clients who post their requirements but now it will not be favourite anymore. here on this platform, you can do almost any type of job. 
But in the last few years competition is really high on this platform so this is why they have limited new profiles, they are accepting only a few freelancers according to their skills. but still, a thousand new profile is been created on this platform with some crook. So competition is still high and to overcome this issue Upwork has come with a new policy which is paid connects.
Before now, freelancers and agencies were getting free connects, freelancers were getting 60 connects per month and could bid on maximum 30 jobs (2 connects per job) Now you have to buy these connects starting $0.15 per connect. Below you can see how you need to spend your connects depends on the budget of the project.

Upwork connect pricing Update
for new freelancers who are…

What's the quickest skill to learn so that I can freelance on up work right now?

If you are also looking to start freelancing but do not have any skills then you must read this as this will help you for sure. I have asked this question to my group members and check what they have answered this question, hope this will help you and you can start freelancing from today sorry from Now.

1. you can start selling pictures, yes there are jobs you can search on Fiverr or upwork or other freelancing portals where you can get these types of jobs but you need to just watch take good pictures from different viewpoint and angles for better pay. 2. you can start with product uploading on websites, you only know about the internet and don't have any technical skill then watch some easy video on youtube about how to upload products on the website and this can be learned in 30 minutes only. 3. basic HTML and CSS jobs are also available which you can learn and start working on freelancing portals. 4. some member said WordPress is also easy to go as it is not as technical as other w…

How to get Projects or Leads through LinkedIn

How to get Projects or Leads through LinkedIn

A common question which comes into every IT freelancer's mind is How to get projects. This is obvious to come as freelancing portals are very competitive and even if you don't get projects on upwork they will suspend your profile means they will kick your a**. 

But you are lucky if you are reading this post because this post is for all those IT people or companies who are tired of searching projects over freelancing portals like Upwork, Freelancer or other available portals. 

If you are searching on google that How to get IT project leads, how to get projects, what are the other ways to get projects or How to get clients or projects through LinkedIn then you are on right post. Here we will tell you how to get  IT Project leads through LinkedIn and convert those into a good project.

Okay fine, we will not bore you now. let's get to the point. If you are really interested and looking for leads through LinkedIn then we have A group on…

Which freelancing portal is best to create profile for beginner in 2018

Which freelancing portal is best to create a profile for the beginner in 2018? There are many portals to create a profile on like you know upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, guru, PPH etc. a few days back Upwork considered as best but now freelancers are leaving this platform because of their hard policies against freelancers. One of the new portal which is attracting freelancers is Smartsociatesthis is new and very friendly in terms of helping freelancers as their support team is very active.

But other freelancing portals like Fiverr and Guru also doing great as you can choose these two too. Below is the link to Fiverr, you can click and create profile easily.

Now please let us know in the comment section which freelancing portal you are using and why. Help other freelancers too. 

How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects

So you have decided to start freelancing to get some extra earning but earning through freelancing is not easy as there are thousands of freelancers already there. Here in this post, we will explain "HOW TO BEAT THE COMPETITION IN FREELANCING AND WIN PROJECTS".With the increasing competition in every field, you need to improve your skills to beat any competition.Likewise, to get the projects in freelancing websites you should have the expert knowledge of your skill and follow some tips to get any project. 
Not only freelancer but there are many websites these days are providing freelance projects by using bid strategy.You may have tried several times to get the projects, but you may fail utterly. check some BEST FREELANCING WEBSITES 
According to the Alexa traffic rank, the global rank of is 1,719.And India has the highest number of visitors to this site that is is linked up with my freelancer websites like upwork, freelancer,peopleperhour. M…

How secure is Freelancing as a Career

Want to know "How secure is freelancing as a career"? want to start freelancing but afraid of losing 9 to 5 job? This post will help you in finding out that is freelancing secure as a career or not?

The fear factor and the myth :    In spite of the fact that you are not happy with your 9 to 5 day job, you feel disconnected with what you are doing and practically there is no actual reason to stick to that job other than those monthly paychecks, you are still ready to carry on with that job due to a single reason, which is, “job security”.

Even for the ones who aspire of staring their own venture or something that they are in control of, the situation remains the same. The most common reason that we give ourselves to resist transitioning into freelancing or a self-employed career is the fear of not having a “stable job” or “job security”. But is it completely true? I doubt not.

Is it actually your real fear? : Before breaking that myth of job security in freelancing or self-empl…

Most demanded freelance skills in 2018

So You want to be a successful freelancer but don't know what skills are best to become a successful freelancer. Most of the fresher freelancers have this question in mind that what skills can get them good job and they can earn maximum money with. They are looking little confused with their career as in today's world many opportunities are there for fresher to go with. 

so talking about what skills are good for being a freelancer, we would like to explain this in detail which will help you a lot in making a better decision.


BitcoinAmazon DynamoDBReact nativeRoboticsGo developmentForex trading3D riggingAugmented realityComputer visionPenetration testingMedia buyingChef.ioShopify developmentAngularJS developmentSwift developmentVideo editing

Top 10 facebook groups for IT freelancers

If you are an IT freelancer and looking for best groups on facebook for freelancer to join then this list of best groups for freelancer can help you a lot. We have researched best 10 groups among 100s of groups available on Facebook. All these groups have thousands of freelancers active and getting help in freelancing, project bidding, how to write a cover letter etc.
getting interaction with freelancers inside a Facebook group is the best part a freelancer can do for his/her benefits. You can ask for support, ask questions from other experienced freelancers, make new friends who are in same IT field, and BEST PART IS GETTING PROJECTS FROM CLIENT. It’s a smart method of creating the community based on your online services. You’re more likely to gain recommendations, trust, and connections when you’re in Facebook groups for freelancers.

That’s why we have created this list of best groups for freelancers. we hope this list will help you in getting the project to your freelancing career.