How to get Projects or Leads through LinkedIn

How to get Projects or Leads through LinkedIn

A common question which comes into every IT freelancer's mind is How to get projects. This is obvious to come as freelancing portals are very competitive and even if you don't get projects on upwork they will suspend your profile means they will kick your a**. 

Linkedin Lead generation
Linkedin Lead generation

But you are lucky if you are reading this post because this post is for all those IT people or companies who are tired of searching projects over freelancing portals like Upwork, Freelancer or other available portals. 

If you are searching on google that How to get IT project leads, how to get projects, what are the other ways to get projects or How to get clients or projects through LinkedIn then you are on right post. Here we will tell you how to get  IT Project leads through LinkedIn and convert those into a good project.

Okay fine, we will not bore you now. let's get to the point. If you are really interested and looking for leads through LinkedIn then we have A group on Facebook by name of  IT Freelancers Community  On this group we post leads by getting a screenshot of the client post. People who show their interest can get it from admin by following all the rules and guidelines. 

IT Freelancer Community facebook group screenshot
IT Freelancer Community facebook group screenshot
Here is the group link if you want to join -   
You will see some question when you will request to join this group so please answer those accordingly. 

What you will get in leads - Here on this group you will get the 

1. client details like client name, 
2. country of the client, 
3. client requirement, 
4. client email to contact 
5. sometimes we get client contact number and skype too, 
6. Linkedin post link (For proof of lead) where the client has posted his/her requirement on LinkedIn Etc. 

Now it's up to you how you use these details and how well you pitch your client. For maximum benefits you must reach client through all these details like email with the best pitch, contact through number and skype, comment on the post,  get connected with the client through a message.

There are other ways too which we read on other blogs like by improving our profile on LinkedIn and getting more relevant connections etc But this is the best way to reach those people who are looking for talented freelancers or agencies like you. 

So if you have any thought or query please let us know in the comment section.

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Which freelancing portal is best to create profile for beginner in 2018

Which freelancing portal is best to create a profile for the beginner in 2018? There are many portals to create a profile on like you know upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, guru, PPH etc. a few days back Upwork considered as best but now freelancers are leaving this platform because of their hard policies against freelancers. One of the new portal which is attracting freelancers is Smartsociates this is new and very friendly in terms of helping freelancers as their support team is very active.

smartsociates- new freelancing portal

But other freelancing portals like Fiverr and Guru also doing great as you can choose these two too. Below is the link to Fiverr, you can click and create profile easily.

Which freelancing portal is best to create profile for beginner in 2018
Which freelancing portal is best to create profile for beginner in 2018

Now please let us know in the comment section which freelancing portal you are using and why. Help other freelancers too. 

How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects

So you have decided to start freelancing to get some extra earning but earning through freelancing is not easy as there are thousands of freelancers already there. Here in this post, we will explain "HOW TO BEAT THE COMPETITION IN FREELANCING AND WIN PROJECTS".

With the increasing competition in every field, you need to improve your skills to beat any competition.Likewise, to get the projects in freelancing websites you should have the expert knowledge of your skill and follow some tips to get any project. 

How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects
How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects
Not only freelancer but there are many websites these days are providing freelance projects by using bid strategy.You may have tried several times to get the projects, but you may fail utterly.

According to the Alexa traffic rank, the global rank of is 1,719.And India has the highest number of visitors to this site that is is linked up with my freelancer websites like upwork, freelancer,peopleperhour. Mostly graduates prefer to use this site to get projects. 

Are you feeling tired of office works? Do you want to choose a flexible job? Here comes the best option for you, it is freelancing. 
Yes, you can work from the comfort of your home and the perks are also excited. You can even get your work done on the beach side.Because of added advantages, people tend to choose to freelance. But due to increased users, there will be heavy competition for any single given project.

It is really a great turnoff for the freshers to get projects in freelancing. If it’s your first project in freelancing then you have to choose low bid projects. Bid the projects at low rates, don’t go for the big shot at the first attempt.Everyone experiences difficulties while achieving their first project, but you have to really sharpen your skills to achieve the projects.You have to make your portfolio really strong.

Here Are Some tips to win Projects:

1.Profile Quality:

Your profile must look like a professional one.Try to advertise your selling points in your profile.You need to provide in brief about the skills you possess and certifications which shows you meritorious in that field.Create a good overview about yourself. Clients are mostly attracted to your profile.

2.Understand The Requirements:

First and foremost thing you have to do is to understand the requirements of the clients.Just go through the job description and try to learn the requirements they prefer to have for the project.When you understand the project requirements, you will come up with intelligent questions which makes the client impress.But only make sure to promise what you can do.

3.Fair Quotes:

Always try to quote fairly, not too high as well as not too low.Your price should be reasonable for your work.If you thought of quoting fair too low then there may be a chance of client think low quality about your work.You may not quote similar to the experienced freelancers.Be conscious while quoting the fair.


You have to make yourself reputative, this can be done by producing the quality work within the deadline to the client.This will make your clients come back to you for later projects.Make sure to treat them respectfully by messaging on-time and providing the tracking information about the on-going project.

For more help check this facebook group link -
How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects
How to Beat the Competition In Freelancing and win projects
This is group post link where member of our facebook group have given their openion and views that how we can beat competition and and win the projects. Hope this will help you a lot as they all are experienced in freelancing.

Try to follow these steps while applying for the freelancer projects.This will surely make you gain projects.

How secure is Freelancing as a Career

Want to know "How secure is freelancing as a career"? want to start freelancing but afraid of losing 9 to 5 job? This post will help you in finding out that is freelancing secure as a career or not?

How secure is Freelancing as a Career
How secure is Freelancing as a Career

The fear factor and the myth :     In spite of the fact that you are not happy with your 9 to 5 day job, you feel disconnected with what you are doing and practically there is no actual reason to stick to that job other than those monthly paychecks, you are still ready to carry on with that job due to a single reason, which is, “job security”.

 Even for the ones who aspire of staring their own venture or something that they are in control of, the situation remains the same. The most common reason that we give ourselves to resist transitioning into freelancing or a self-employed career is the fear of not having a “stable job” or “job security”. But is it completely true? I doubt not.

Is it actually your real fear? :  Before breaking that myth of job security in freelancing or self-employment, let me first ask you a simple question. What is your real fear? Is it about losing that security in form of monthly paychecks or is it the fear of taking control of your actions and in turn your success? Is it the fear of taking responsibility for managing, controlling and executing a business on your own?

Answering these questions is the only way you can actually choose the career that actually suits your style and gives you comfort.

Coursera Business Vertical In a simple day job, you are mostly not responsible for developing business opportunities for your organization (unless you are in marketing or a sales profile). You only have to reach your workspace at the same time every day, complete the daily tasks assigned to you and try not to “fail” in acting like a machine.

But, if your fear is about “job security” and those “monthly paychecks”, then let us help break some myths for you.

Why is freelancing actually secure and in fact exciting? 
Freelancing or self-employment allows you to create your own sky or ceiling, that is, there is actually no limit to what you can achieve. You will be able to utilize your full potential and seek success.

Read these important points now : 

1. It will only be a matter of months for you to be able to build up that client core, you can rely on for a regular stream of work. From there onwards, it will only depend upon your own capabilities to be able to serve their requirements and ensure those big paychecks at the end of each project.

2. There are several web-based public platforms that build that bridge between the clients and the freelancers.

3. Freelancing not only ensures those regular paychecks but it also provides you to grow your business at your own pace. With regular new work opportunities, client inquiries and most importantly the ability to generate a growth-oriented revenue stream, it allows you to build your own path towards success.

4. Freelancing gives you the much-required control of your lifestyle. The time you want to work at, the number of hours you want to put in, the place you want to work from, the domain you want to dive into and what not. It will be all yours to decide. You will be the one in full control of your business.

5. It actually gives you the real security of being able to do what you love and do it the way you want. Isn’t it the real career security?

At first, you might have to struggle a bit with your clients, timings and their “expectations”, but even your full-time day job has the same struggle. But it will be all about making the most of the opportunities that are thrown your way and a “successful & secure” career will await you.

If you are still confused then please check this facebook group link -

how secure is freelancing as career - fb post
how secure is freelancing as career - fb post

In this post, you will get to know more from experienced freelancers who have been doing freelancing since long and they know what situations they have faced during their starting and overall journey of freelancing which could be useful for you.

© Sheela Joby
Sheela Joby is a freelance writer and blogger from India with an experience of 14yrs. she writes on SEO, CV/Resume, Photography, press release, yoga, etc. You may take in more of her writings at Email:,

Most demanded freelance skills in 2018

So You want to be a successful freelancer but don't know what skills are best to become a successful freelancer. Most of the fresher freelancers have this question in mind that what skills can get them good job and they can earn maximum money with. They are looking little confused with their career as in today's world many opportunities are there for fresher to go with. 

so talking about what skills are good for being a freelancer, we would like to explain this in detail which will help you a lot in making a better decision.

Most demanded freelance skills in 2018
Most demanded freelance skills in 2018


  1. Bitcoin
  2. Amazon DynamoDB
  3. React native
  4. Robotics
  5. Go development
  6. Forex trading
  7. 3D rigging
  8. Augmented reality
  9. Computer vision
  10. Penetration testing
  11. Media buying
  13. Shopify development
  14. AngularJS development
  15. Swift development
  16. Video editing
  17. Influencer marketing
  18. Machine learning
  19. 3D modeling
  20. Motion graphics
These are Most demanded freelance skills in 2018 to become successful and to earn good amount of money for happy and satisfactory life.

so the conclusion is that if you are not able to decide that what skills are in demand or better for future or being a freelancer then we would like to tell you to choose ios or android as it has secure future with good earning and opportunities. 

Do not forget to comment, let us know what you think about most demanded freelance skills in 2018.

Top 10 facebook groups for IT freelancers

If you are an IT freelancer and looking for best groups on facebook for freelancer to join then this list of best groups for 
freelancer can help you a lot. We have researched best 10 groups among 100s of groups available on Facebook. All these groups have thousands of freelancers active and getting help in freelancing, project bidding, how to write a cover letter etc.

getting interaction with freelancers inside a Facebook group is the best part a freelancer can do for his/her benefits. You can ask for support, ask questions from other experienced freelancers, make new friends who are in same IT field, and BEST PART IS GETTING PROJECTS FROM CLIENT. It’s a smart method of creating the community based on your online services. You’re more likely to gain recommendations, trust, and connections when you’re in Facebook groups for freelancers.

Top 10 facebook groups for IT freelancers
Top 10 facebook groups for IT freelancers
That’s why we have created this list of best groups for freelancers. we hope this list will help you in getting the project to your freelancing career.

1. Freelancing and Project Leads 
A Group For IT Freelancers + IT companies Run by Sumit, this Facebook Group is perfect for all kinds of IT freelancers who are looking for project Leads and can convert those leads into Project.This group guides freelancers in project bidding and how to start freelancing as beginner.

2. Freedom Hacker’s MastermindKimra Luna runs this active group with an awesome vibe. She keeps it real and has weekly threads where people can post questions and receive help. It’s a great place to find clients.
*Update – this group has been archived

3. Blog + Biz BFFsThis fun, happy group (run by Melyssa Griffin) is really supportive of each other and also has a weekly thread for people who need help from freelancers.
*Update – this group has been archived

4.Creative Freelancers UniteLizzie Davey has created this group so that it’s easier for you to make friends with other freelancers and get tips on how to grow your business!

5. Digital Nomad GirlsLove to work on the go? This group is specifically designed for those who love to work on the road as they travel, and to help you connect with other freelancers.

6. Creative SuperherosWhat sets this group apart from the rest? There’s a thread called “Friday Funnies” where everyone shares a joke or a meme. That’s not all that’s different about this group… every day is unique! Check it out.

7. Savvy Business OwnersEveryone here is really helpful and generous, and I’ve gotten multiple clients from this group. It’s my personal fave!

8. Gamechanger EntrepreneurErika Sheffer is an incredibly successful coach who created this group for other freelance coaches. I love the personality inside the group!

9. Freelance to Freedom Project CommunityComplete with promotional days, this is a fabulous place to connect with other freelancers. It’s supportive and encouraging to its members.

10. Freelancer’s HubThis tight-knit group of creative freelancers support each other and host a safe place to ask questions and get feedback.

This was the list of best groups for freelancers to join and get help in becoming a sucessful freelancer. Do join these groups if you are not the member of these groups. If you think we have missed any groups which should be included in this list then please let us know in comment section.

For Project Leads Keep visiting this blog

design, development and SEO projects for IT freelancers

get IT projects of all type like design, development,seo etc with client detail. you can use client contact detail and links to convert these project leads into project. all leads are genuine and from different countries of world. 

1. andreas hikel from usa
looking for- anyone out there have a good recommendation for a website design company?  cheers, chop

2. nick axcel from ireland
looking for- I am looking for recommendations for a good SEO expert/Adwords expert please. They can be based anywhere. Only 
people you have personally used please.... 

3. molly campbell from australia
looking for- Hi LinkedIn network! I'm looking for recommendations on Melbourne-based web design and development agencies 
communicators in my network use? 
email -

4. haritrushi purohit
loking for - Required a web designer..prefered location Gujarat. 

5. krunal patel frim india
looking for- I am looking for a cost effective service provider for website designing  and android mobile application 
development in Mumbai or Hyderabad

LOOKING FOR- Any recommendations for marketing/media companies I can hire for my company growth? Ideally niches in fashion, 

technology and lifestyle branding.

7. davey owens from ireland

join our group for more genuine leads with contact details

Freelance Project leads for IT Freelancers

Hello all IT freelancer, please check these project leads if you are looking for project or someone in your contact in need of freelance work. you can share this post with your circle of developer, designer or internet marketer. There is link given with each job so please open the link and reach the client as soon as possible. try to pitch client with best strategy. good luck



CLIENT NAME- Cecilia Wong from UK
lOOKING FOR - One of my clients is looking for suggestions to move their CRM platform to manage their membership database 
more efficiently and effectively.  Any recommendations out there?


CLIENT NAME- Hugh Gregory from UK

looking for- Hi. Im looking for a Java Developer and a Web Developer (Word Press, Angular) based in S Wales, ideally perm 
but would consider contract.. if you are interested or know of anyone, can you Message me please. many thanks Hugh


LOOKING FOR- need a freelance web developer to work on Ecommerece website budget is $700




LOOKING FOR- Im looking for an SEO expert either permanent or contract to join us at Anything. If you know anyone please 
let me know.




LOOOKING FOR- looking to talk to someone about app development



CLIENT NAME- Georgia Carrano FROM UK
LOOKING FOR- I am looking for a freelance online designer to help us with an exciting new website project. 


LOOKING FOR - A freelance graphic designer  is needed please contact me for more. 


CLIENT NAME- Andrew Wilson from UK
lOOKING for - Web Design Agency/Freelancer required!  I'm looking for either a web design agency or a freelancer to take 
over the management and hosting of our website.  Do any of you have any suggestions? 


IT project leads with client requirment and links

These are some links from linkedin where client have posted their requirement , related to IT project. so please check and contact

1. client name- Scott Olivares
requirement - Looking for a good Wordpress developer. Have any recommendations? 
location - USA
requirment link -

2. client name- Keith Bickel
requirement - I've got a startup mentee (East Coast) who is in need of a new app developer. Do you know of anyone looking 
to pick up startup work?  This isn't to change the world.  It's to change one life and then scale.  (I say that to avoid 
grandiose developers. The CEO needs someone with some consumer sense in them.). Any leads would be appreciated.
location - USA
requirment link -

3. client name- Katie Lee Pollack
requirement - Needed (very, very badly): Freelance web developer with Wordpress expertise! Let me know if you or someone 
you know may be able to help! 
location - USA
requirment link -

4. client name- zafar iqbal
requirement - I'm currently looking for Web developers to help develop my website. If any of my contacts know of any please 
let me know.
location - INDIA
requirment link -

5. client name- Juhi Shaima
requirement - Singapore IT companies please connect with me. I have mobile app work only for Singapore IT companies.
location - SINGAPORE
requirment link -

6. client name- Mark de la Salle
requirement - Need a website development company based in Moscow or St Petersburg, Russia.
Project is an ecommerce website.
location - USA
requirment link -

7. client name- Tatia Cashman
requirement - Attention hotel website developers... We are looking for a sponsor/website developer to help us build our 
HSMAI Ontario website.  If you are interested in designing and hosting our site in exchange for exposure to our members, 
please let me know.  
location - CANADA
requirment link - 


Project leads for IT freelancers with client detail

These are some client who are looking for freelancers for their requirments, we did not found any contact detail so open the link in your linkedin profile and contact. best of luck.

1. client name -  ahmed abd elrazik
requirment - joomla or wordpress
link -

2. client name -  Joanne Austin
requirment - Can you recommend someone talented? I'm working with a fantastic Creative advertising agency and would love to talk to junior and midweight graphic designers who stand out creatively.
Happy to talk through career options and tell you more about this role so do get in touch.
link -

3. client name -  Andy Herricks
requirment - Looking for the full hit - need help with new website, rebrand, SEO and social media campaign for exciting business in Manchester
link -

4. client name - Greyson G. 
requirment - Searching for an App/Web Developer for a business project! 
link -

for more you can join out group here

How to identify fake clients on freelancing portals

Getting projects on freelancing portals is not easy and when we get it from a fake client, it is worse because they will hire you, get their work done and go invisible means no reply after getting work done. So to escape these kinds of fake clients on all portals, I have spent some time monitoring jobs that are posted by fake clients, and real clients on Upwork. And I have figured out the kind of techniques used by these fake clients to fool freelancers, so I have decided to post this here so that everyone will be aware of it and can apply only to real jobs.

Identify fake clients on Upwork
After reading this, if there are other ways they use that you know about, you can let me know in comments or joining our group here "Freelancing bidding tips and queries" so that we can discuss it further. These are just a few of their techniques, am still getting more.

1. Their payment methods are not verified:

When you are applying for jobs, check if the client's payment method is verified, if not, proceed with caution. Fake clients don’t confirm their payment method, they just leave it blank.
If you are a new freelancer, and can’t tell whether a clients payment method is verified, follow these simple step.

• Click on the job post.
• After the page is displayed, check the right-hand side of the screen and you will see some info about the client.
• A client with verified payment method has a green word written clearly at the top of their bio “payment method verified”, those not verified will be written in black words “payment method not verified”

But, sometimes, a client without a verified payment method can also mean that the client is new so you will have to check out the same area where the “payment method not verified” is written, to know when he or she registered on Upwork. You can also check this right there on the job feed, jobs posted by clients with verified payment method has a green block with $ written in it below the job post, those not verified will have a — below their job post, while the new ones are written“NEW”.

2. When they boast of their company

This is one other thing I noticed about these fake clients. They always boast about a “no coming heaven”. For example they will write “our blah blah blah company, a top global business company is looking for well talented and expert writers to write articles for their website, so if you are a talented writer, come and spend a whole lot of sh*t time, writing for us because you are a fool, and we know better than you”.

These people are always fake. Some of them will even verify their payment method to deceive you, work for them, and after spending a whole lot of time delivering an excellent job, they will ask for a refund. Don’t even think of taking this matter with them, because it’s likely they will win you, but if you happen to win, expect to see a bad feedback on your profile (that’s none of my business, I need money and not your feedback).

3. Lots of Interview on their job post

In this case, I would say not all of them are fake. Some clients may be looking for a particular skill that requires interviewing every applicant. But something like –👉 this job was posted over 5 days now, and the client is still interviewing lots of freelancers, and not hiring anyone, if you come across this type, haha, you know what to do, just pull off your shoes, and RUN!!!!!!!.

4. They immediately schedule a meeting on Hangout or Skype

Okay, I know some of you are already counting this one as "off the list", but I am totally right, yes!!! You heard that clearly, I am correct in this case.

To prove it, check your Upwork message page, what do you see in Skype that is not on Upwork message page? Upwork message page is even more improved than Skype, it has video calls, messaging, and non-video call, then, why should the client take you to Skype and Hangout? Can’t he or she make use of the ones provided by Upwork?

When you are applying for a job post, and you see questions like “Are you on Skype or Hangout?” “Drop your Skype ID or email”, let me tell what to answer:
Q- Are you on Skype or Hangout?
A- Yea, what the heck you ask for?
Q- Drop your Skype ID or email
A- Oookay, my Skype ID is **Edited for Community Guidelines**.

**Note**, if you discuss a job on Skype, and you happen to get scammed, don't come crying to Upwork, because they can't defend you.

 5. Their payment method is unverified and they are promising you long-term business

Okay, if you think I’m lying, try to accept one of these clients job
First, they will take you from Upwork to Skype, Secondly, they will tell you they have lots of projects available.Thirdly, they will give you 5 topics (if you are a writer) to start with, each of them 10,000 words.Fourthly, you complete the project, then they stop responding, hahahahaaaa,

Once they dump you as a refuse, they come back to Upwork to look for another freelancer, once they get another one, haha, repeat the four steps above. "God have mercy".
6. They ask for free sample

Fake, fake, fake. Don’t do this for clients even if you are new and wants to build your reputation, or you are desperate for the money because you will spend a “good goddamn hell time” to make yourself more desperate.

Anyway, why should the client ask for a free sample, while you submitted a sample when applying for the job. Some freelancers will say that “is because they don’t want to get scam”, ooh, if you say that, then you are a scammer too, the door is open to leaving Upwork.

As long as am concerned, there is no way clients will get scammed, it is you a freelancer that is exposed to the danger of “SCAM”.

What’s hard in this? Just put the milestone, and if the freelancer does a bad job, you simply ask for a refund. But I am not happy because Upwork supports and protects clients more than freelancers. 

Don't forget to comment your views, may be I have missed some more points.

How to start Freelancing as a Beginner & Get your First Project

This is a Helpful guide for all those new freelancers who are just getting started in freelancing or want to start freelancing. In this p...