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Most demanded freelance skills in 2018

So You want to be a successful freelancer but don't know what skills are best to become a successful freelancer. Most of the fresher freelancers have this question in mind that what skills can get them good job and they can earn maximum money with. They are looking little confused with their career as in today's world many opportunities are there for fresher to go with. 

so talking about what skills are good for being a freelancer, we would like to explain this in detail which will help you a lot in making a better decision.


BitcoinAmazon DynamoDBReact nativeRoboticsGo developmentForex trading3D riggingAugmented realityComputer visionPenetration testingMedia buyingChef.ioShopify developmentAngularJS developmentSwift developmentVideo editing

Top 10 facebook groups for IT freelancers

If you are an IT freelancer and looking for best groups on facebook for freelancer to join then this list of best groups for freelancer can help you a lot. We have researched best 10 groups among 100s of groups available on Facebook. All these groups have thousands of freelancers active and getting help in freelancing, project bidding, how to write a cover letter etc.
getting interaction with freelancers inside a Facebook group is the best part a freelancer can do for his/her benefits. You can ask for support, ask questions from other experienced freelancers, make new friends who are in same IT field, and BEST PART IS GETTING PROJECTS FROM CLIENT. It’s a smart method of creating the community based on your online services. You’re more likely to gain recommendations, trust, and connections when you’re in Facebook groups for freelancers.

That’s why we have created this list of best groups for freelancers. we hope this list will help you in getting the project to your freelancing career.


design, development and SEO projects for IT freelancers

get IT projects of all type like design, development,seo etc with client detail. you can use client contact detail and links to convert these project leads into project. all leads are genuine and from different countries of world. 

1. andreas hikel from usa
looking for- anyone out there have a good recommendation for a website design company?  cheers, chop

2. nick axcel from ireland
looking for- I am looking for recommendations for a good SEO expert/Adwords expert please. They can be based anywhere. Only
people you have personally used please....

3. molly campbell from australia
looking for- Hi LinkedIn network! I'm looking for recommendations on Melbourne-based web design and development agencies
communicators in my network use?
email -

4. haritrushi purohit

Freelance Project leads for IT Freelancers

Hello all IT freelancer, please check these project leads if you are looking for project or someone in your contact in need of freelance work. you can share this post with your circle of developer, designer or internet marketer. There is link given with each job so please open the link and reach the client as soon as possible. try to pitch client with best strategy. good luck



CLIENT NAME- Cecilia Wong from UK
lOOKING FOR - One of my clients is looking for suggestions to move their CRM platform to manage their membership database
more efficiently and effectively.  Any recommendations out there?


CLIENT NAME- Hugh Gregory from UK

looking for- Hi. Im looking for a Java Developer and a Web Developer (Word Press, Angular) based in S Wales, ideally perm
but would consider contract.. if you are inter…

IT project leads with client requirment and links

These are some links from linkedin where client have posted their requirement , related to IT project. so please check and contact

1. client name- Scott Olivares
requirement - Looking for a good Wordpress developer. Have any recommendations?
location - USA
requirment link -

2. client name- Keith Bickel
requirement - I've got a startup mentee (East Coast) who is in need of a new app developer. Do you know of anyone looking
to pick up startup work?  This isn't to change the world.  It's to change one life and then scale.  (I say that to avoid
grandiose developers. The CEO needs someone with some consumer sense in them.). Any leads would be appreciated.
location - USA
requirment link -

3. client name- Katie Lee Pollack
requirement - Needed (very, very badly): Freelance web developer with Wordpress expertise! Let me know if you or someone
you kno…

Project leads for IT freelancers with client detail

These are some client who are looking for freelancers for their requirments, we did not found any contact detail so open the link in your linkedin profile and contact. best of luck.

1. client name -  ahmed abd elrazik
requirment - joomla or wordpress
link -

2. client name -  Joanne Austin
requirment - Can you recommend someone talented? I'm working with a fantastic Creative advertising agency and would love to talk to junior and midweight graphic designers who stand out creatively.
Happy to talk through career options and tell you more about this role so do get in touch.
link -

3. client name -  Andy Herricks
requirment - Looking for the full hit - need help with new website, rebrand, SEO and social media campaign for exciting business in Manchester
link -

4. clien…

How to identify fake clients on freelancing portals

Getting projects on freelancing portals is not easy and when we get it from a fake client, it is worse because they will hire you, get their work done and go invisible means no reply after getting work done. So to escape these kinds of fake clients on all portals, I have spent some time monitoring jobs that are posted by fake clients, and real clients on Upwork. And I have figured out the kind of techniques used by these fake clients to fool freelancers, so I have decided to post this here so that everyone will be aware of it and can apply only to real jobs.

After reading this, if there are other ways they use that you know about, you can let me know in comments or joining our group here "Freelancing bidding tips and queries" so that we can discuss it further. These are just a few of their techniques, am still getting more.

1. Their payment methods are not verified:

When you are applying for jobs, check if the client's payment method is verified, if not, proceed with cautio…

How to make your profile strong on freelancing portals

To get projects it is important to make your profile strong as Your profile plays a vital role in getting projects on freelancing portals. It is important to make it strong with all the parameters which we have described in detail. 

1. Your Profile Picture -According to upwork, your picture must be very clear and with a smile on face. a smile gives an impression of confidence. do not use fade or half image. do not use any object or your pet as this gives valid identity to your profile and establish a trust between client.

2.Your Title -Your profile title, tells what you do like what skills you can offer to your clients. It should be well written, main focus should be on your skills, like if you're a  writer then your Title must depict it properly with your favourite niche Like politics writer, health writer, environment writer, real estate writer etc.
3. Your Bio -explain everything about your skills and experience in detail. a client first read your bio to understand your skills and…