Beginner's guide to freelancing

If you are new to freelancing websites or you want to work as a freelancer then this - "Beginner's guide to freelancing" is for you. In the last post, we have been studied why upwork suspending your account, so in this post, I have clearly mentioned that do not attempt these ideas in bidding.

Beginner's guide to freelancing
Beginner's guide to freelancing
So moving on to our guide to help all freelancer who is new, first step comes with selecting your freelancing website. if you do not know which one is best then please read our post here about best website or portal for online bidding. Here in this post, you will get complete idea that which one is good for you and why.

after getting to know best website next step is to create profile on the website. during creating a profile there are few important things like describe your skills clearly, add your professional photo with a smiley face, complete all relevant tests and add your portfolio means your previously done project if you have otherwise you do not need.

after creating profile next thing is to start bidding with your cover letter. in this phase, you have to focus on the type of jobs which are best for you and are from your skills related. this is an important part if you want to succeed in freelancing. select fixed jobs than hourly, small jobs like $50 to $100. only apply to those jobs which have verified their payment. try to bid on that job which you think you can complete with best results.

So in this, we have talked about selecting best websites for freelancing, creating profile and bidding. most important part of this complete process is your selection of job and your cover letter. about writing best cover I will describe this in our next post very soon. so till then try to bid on the best job as you are new and you have no experience in freelancing. 

In short -
1. create profile on best website
2. complete your profile first with tests, portfolio etc
3. select small, fixed and skill-related jobs only to bid.
4. keep your hourly rate to the minimum.
5. bid with the best cover letter.

Note: Do not mention your contact detail in the cover letter and in your introduction on the profile.  

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