How and what to write cover letter for project bidding

writing a proposal is most important part of freelancing and getting projects.this is what with which you have to impress the client that why you are the best.

freelancing is all about how you convince your client with your proposal and profile.the first thing client go through is your proposal then it goes to all other parameters. so writing a convincing and impressive proposal is most important in grabbing projects.

one must write a  job proposal only after going through the detailed job description and its conditions. if you can fulfill all those conditions and you are confident to make it complete according to client requirement only then proceed with the proposal. writing an effective proposal is not difficult process.

you have to just read requirement and start writing your proposal. always start with greetings which show a respect to client and make you sensible person. write about client requirement in detailed and mention that you have been done this job before (if you have been done this before only) and mention previous work URL or any proof. this will built a belief in the client to work with you. 

explain client requirement with the more suitable option that could be tried in this project to make it more feasible and to get maximum output.
show your portfolios as proof of examples, keep in mind that example should be relevant to that job otherwise it could be a bad impression. everything should be in proper manner and structure, no spelling mistake, proper paragraph, and spacing.

after explaining everything you must write that you are available to discuss in detail on this requirement or job as this gives the client a compatibility to work with you. end your proposal with thanks after answering all general questions.

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