what is project bidding or online bidding

So this is my first post on this blog, where I will try to clear all your doubts and queries about "WHAT IS ONLINE BIDDING". Bidding has only one meaning and that is "making effort to win a deal or project on the web". 

So with this definition, we proceed ahead. when it comes to online bidding so there are many websites and applications where we can see bidding process. some websites or apps are running which focus on products, some of the deals and other are focusing on projects bidding. In this our aim is to define online bidding for projects.

Online bidding for projects is all about getting projects through online portals like UPWORK, FREELANCER, GURU, PEOPLEPERHOURetc. these online portals list the projects from different categories like IT, ACCOUNTING, MEDICAL, SALES, AND MARKETING etc. 

You can check yourself by going on these websites etc. when you will go to these websites you will see projects with their title and description. you can select the category for which you want to bid and also can set all other parameters accordingly yo your search like budget, time, client history etc.

Online bidding is mainly trying to get projects from these online portals. Here you have to just create your profile on these online portals and bid on jobs with your cover letter and answering few questions to the client (if the client has asked questions). after bidding client will receive your application and will select the best application from the total application he or she has received from other bidders also.

So this is what online bidding is, rest we will discuss in our next post. if you have any query or questions related to online bidding then please let me know through the comment or you can connect with me through social channels. Thanks

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