Social Media Marketing Upwork Test Answer

 These are questions and answers for upwork test of social media marketing

1.Which best describes a Twitter chat?
a.Users randomly talking about trending topics
b.Discussing what you had for dinner last night
c.Posting a picture from your recent vaction
d.A moderated discussion with Questions, Answers plus a hashtag
e.Never heard of this before

2.When can you adjust your Facebook budget or bid?
a.At the end of the billing cycle
b. Once every month
c. Any time
d.All of the above
e. None of the above

3.Which of the following applies when you republish another author’s blog?
a.Post the entire article without giving credit to the original author
b.Mention the author in the small print
c.Add your own thoughts in a paragraph or summarize the main point
d.Give credit to the original author by including a link or social media profile
e.Both 3 & 4

4.Why is SE0 important for social media marketing?
a.Because social media profiles rank in search engines
b.It isn’t important
c.Because it is something everyone else does
d.All of the Above

5.Where would one go to create an Instagram ad?
a.Instagram Ad Creator
b. Google AdWords
c. Facebook Ads Creator
d. Twitter Ads Creator
e. None of the above

6.What are the risks that must be considered in your social media marketing plan?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.That good and bad news travel fast.
b.A required vigilance.
c.Lack of control about what people say.
d.Increased engagement with people.
e.Increased sales and production.

7.Where in Facebook will you see which post customers engage with (or don’t engage with), so that you can make informed decisions about what you post?
a.Keyword Diagnosis
b.Search Term
d. Extensions
e. All of the above
f. None of the above

8.Which of the following enables you to tap into the many thriving communities on Twitter by delivering targeted communications to users based on the topics they connect and engage with on Twitter?
a.Follower targeting
b.Tailored audiences
c.Interest targeting
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

9.Which of the following helps establish authority organically:
a.Google Adwords
b.Bing Ad
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

10.You have been blogging for two months and you want to know where your traffic sources were coming from. Where can you find this information in Google Analytics?
a.On the Left side >Audience >Overview >Demographics
b.On the Right side > Overview >Acquisition > New User sessions
c.On the Left side >Overview »Acquisition >Source/Medium
d.In the advance search >custom users > campaigns
e.On the Dashboard >Traffic Sources

11.When analyzing data, what can you infer from having a lower amount of viewers?
a.That your platform is losing popularity
b.That your particular blog is losing popularity
c.That the post was not as popular as the last one
d.It can mean a variety of things, and only focusing on one will not necessarily solve the problem

12.Which of the following bid types are available on Linkedln?
d.Both 2 and 3
e.None of the above

13.How do you develop a marketing plan? (choose all that apply)

Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a. By targeting your audience
b. By looking at your budget
c. By planning ahead of time
d.By brainstorming ideas and predicting outcomes

14.Which of the following is a Facebook Ad that provides people with a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, such as newsletters, offers and quotes.
e.None of the above

15.In addition to textual information, which of the following are also good to include in a Tweet?
b.Twitter Polls
c.Link to your website or blog
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

16.Which of the following will happen when your Ad in Facebook reaches budget exhaustion?
a.Keeps going
b.Extra charges applies later
c.Automatically pause
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

17.What can make the difference between an effective brand and a noneffective brand when marketing your blog?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Don’t make changes.
b.Your brand makes a connection to credible, focused, up to date, and worthy content.
c.Make it visually bold and appealing with a variety of mediums for presentation.
d.It should be broad to cover lots of domains.
e.Your brand should surround a niche.

18.What is the name of the measurement of the percentage of people who have followed a link in your ad?
a.Engagment Ratio
b.Click Through Rate
c.Content Optimization
d.Exending Your Reach
e.Sales Conversion

19.How do you test your market on YouTube?
a.By uploading different videos to see what works best
b.By only posting one type of video until it works
c.By posting what you want to post
d.By posting something completely original

20.How do you maintain your target audience’s attention?

Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Try appeal to everyone
b.Build your reputation
c.Most social media events
d.By changing media platforms

21.Which is not an effective way to interact with and engage your readers?
a,Take a survey
b.Offer free stuff
c.Respond to readers by focusing on things they brought up.
d.Plugging your marketing messages on somebody’s wall

22.Which items from the list are types of Twitter campaigns?
a.Website click campaigns
b.Follower campaigns
c.Engagement campaigns
d.Mobile App campaigns
e.All of the Above

23.What happens if your ad sets reach your campaign limit?
a.It keeps going
b.Extra charges are applied later
c.Automatically shuts your ads so you don’t overspend
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

24.How should you take advantage of a very popular blog?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Post different blogs to see the reaction
b.There is no way to benefit from other popular blogs
c.Comment on the blog and engage in a way that adds value
d.Get your blog published on their blog

25.In Facebook Ad, which of the items below best describes the path in comparing your page against the competitors?
a.Insights>action on page
b.Insights>Reach>Total Reach
c.Insights>Overview>Pages to Watch
d.This isn’t a function of Facebook Insights
e.You have to go to each competitor page separately

26.Which population segment would you be targeting by launching a social media marketing campaign on Linkedln?
a.The 30+ crowd who tend to earn in excess of $75,000 yearly.
b.The 30 and under crowd who tend to be college educated and earn less than $75,000 yearly.
c.A majority of U.S. social media users who widely vary in age, culture, and yearly earnings.
d.The 18-29 demographic who are primarily driven by memes, pictures or other visual (limited reading) content.

27.Which of the following are key metrics in SMM?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Number of followers/hits/likes
c.Number of personal engagements

28.What is the best practice to optimize your Facebook Business Page?
a.Fill out your profile
b.Fill out the ‘About Us’ section carefully
c.Use keywords strategically
d.Choose the right name for your page
e.All of the Above

29.How do you identify influencers participating in a Twitter chat?
a.You ask them if they’re an influencer
b.Rely on other users to tell you who the influencers on the chat are
c.Click on the hashtag in twitter>Click Top tweets
d.Click on the hashtag in twitter> Click Live
e.You have to rely on a 3rd party tool to identify influencers

30.Which of the following should social media marketers NOT do?
a.Automate posting of back-links to your website
b.Formulate a well-researched plan
c.Learn from other successful marketers
d.Interact with clients

31.What are the advantages of affiliative marketing?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.You only pay affiliates when visitors are converted to customers
b.They help you standardize and streamline your message
c.They help generate traffic
d.It’s high risk but high reward

32.How does Facebook track website conversions?
e.None of the above

33.Which are the two most important components of gaining a high ranking for a Linkedln search?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Using keywords.
b.Having lots of connections.
c.Posting individual updates regularly.
d.Upgrading to a premium account.

34.How can networking help your marketing campaign?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.By combining into one company
b.By splitting your profits with them
c.By gaining other’s help
d.By getting ideas from others

35.What is Facebook Audience Network?
a.Facebook service that only shows your ad to interested users on Facebook
b.Facebook service that serves ads to outside apps and websites
c.Facebook service that shows you who is looking at your page
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

36.In Twitter, when is it effective to use a sponsored follower campaign?
a.When you are trying to get followers to read an article
b.When you are trying to get more views of a video
c.When you are taking steps to grow your follower base
d.When you are asking people for retweets
e.When you are asking for people to enter their email address

37.What is the term for the semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer that takes market research and customer data into account?
a.Sales converters
b.Focus group
c.Customer or buyer persona
d.Customer awareness
e.None of the above

38.When blogging for marketing purposes, what is the term for the schedule developed to focus on certain subjects at certain times?
a.Day planner
b.Focus group
c.Content editorial plan
d.Corrective action
e.Subject predicate agreement

39.What does the “new sessions” Google Analytic metric reveal about a marketing campaign?
a.Specific flaws regarding the churn rate calculation.
b.The number of new visitors and the extent to which you are encouraging them to return.
c.It reveals channel specific metrics which help to segment who clicked through to the website.
d.It measures your lead to close ratio to determine your sales success rate.

40.Which two options do you have for YouTube TrueView advertising options?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.In-stream videos
b.Video ads on Google search results page.
c.Video discovery (alongside search results on YouTube)
d.All of the above
e.None of the above

41.What is defined as the aspect or aspects of a product or service that differentiates it from competitors’ products or services?
b.Target Market
c.Market Trends
d.Unique Selling Proposition
e.Opportunity Cost

42.What does KPI stand for?
a.Keyword Placement Iteration
b.Knowledge progression Instruction
c.Key Product Insights
d.Key Perfomance Indicator
e.None of the above

43.Your marketing manager has asked you to plan a marketing campaign to be sent through your company’s Twitter account. The company is a high-tech startup that also uses white papers as a marketing tool. What will be the best way to convey an authoritative source via the tweets?
a.Include statistics that provide support for your content.
b.Intensify the marketing campaign by having the tweet auto-reposted once per hour.
c.Make sure the tone is conveyed as “talking at” the audience.
d.Promote the tweet with a series of hashtags being used as 140-character sentence.

44.A simple content creation marketing plan includes which of the following components?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Marketing and content goals.
b.Which channels will be used for promotional purposes.
c.The reason why the content is being drafted.
d.A determination of current owned, earned or paid media funnels.

45.How effective are reviews and stars when marketing your brand?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Consumers rely heavily on reviews and the number of stars to make decisions.
b.Reaction to negative reviews with a positive comment to make improvements can have a positive effect and show consumers that you listen.
c.Using reviews with personal positive comments and photos of those people has been shown to be very effective in marketing.
d.Because of the possibility of negative reviews and low star ratings, don’t use reviews at all.

46.As part of a conversion funnel, which step does a blog post coincide with?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a. Brand Awareness
b. Engagement
c. Consideration

47.How should you engage with your Twitter followers?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Provide your followers with content they like to see
b.Spam on your tweets
c.Ask them to send contacts of all their friends and connections.
d.Tweet some fun stuff

48.What are the most important considerations when sourcing information for Social Media Marketing?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.That the information is current
b.The information is true
c.The information is credible
d.The information is fascinating

49.To best meet your marketing goals for a blog, which of the following are considered best practices?
Note: There may be more than one right answer.
a.Know your target audience
b.Optimize your content for SERPs
c.Adjust your tone and voice to speak to your target audience
d.Maintain posting frequency
e.Time your post to coincide with high traffic times

50.Choose an answer that best describes the purpose of retargeting on a social network.
a.Find out who didn’t watch a video
b.Block followers on your social media channels
c.To re-engage by introducing a relevant ad based on their past experience
d.To build out a list of emails for an upcoming campaign
e.Retargeting doesn’t impact a marketing campaign


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