How Upwork paid connect policy will change the freelancing, how it will affect freelancers, Is this good or bad

Upwork is considered as best freelancing platform as there are millions of freelancers and thousands of clients who post their requirements but now it will not be favourite anymore. here on this platform, you can do almost any type of job. 

But in the last few years competition is really high on this platform so this is why they have limited new profiles, they are accepting only a few freelancers according to their skills. but still, a thousand new profile is been created on this platform with some crook. So competition is still high and to overcome this issue Upwork has come with a new policy which is paid connects.

Before now, freelancers and agencies were getting free connects, freelancers were getting 60 connects per month and could bid on maximum 30 jobs (2 connects per job) Now you have to buy these connects starting $0.15 per connect. Below you can see how you need to spend your connects depends on the budget of the project.

Upwork connect pricing Update

for new freelancers who are just beginning, this is not good but for those who are genuine and have good experience in their skills is good.

How this will affect freelancing on upwork-

1. for experienced freelancer this is a really good step as they will get more project because fewer proposals will be sent now.
2. for the beginner they need to spend for getting their first job which is difficult on upwork
3. client will receive fewer proposals so this will save their time to go through each proposal to choose the best freelancer.
4. upwork will earn more with this step - I hope they will reduce fee charges as they deduct 20% now
5. for agency owner they need to take agency plus membership for $20 per month if they need to buy more connects
6. Now freelancer will read the job properly because they have to spend money to bid
7. client will receive real proposals

Negative affect on Upwork

1. People are living upwork and joining other platforms like smartsociates
2. It could be a disastrous decision by upwork and result at the end of this portal.

There could be more points which you can add in comments below but overall if we see the competition in freelancing, this is a really good step by upwork, What are your thoughts on this, please let us know in comments.  

What's the quickest skill to learn so that I can freelance on up work right now?

If you are also looking to start freelancing but do not have any skills then you must read this as this will help you for sure. I have asked this question to my group members and check what they have answered this question, hope this will help you and you can start freelancing from today sorry from Now.

1. you can start selling pictures, yes there are jobs you can search on Fiverr or upwork or other freelancing portals where you can get these types of jobs but you need to just watch take good pictures from different viewpoint and angles for better pay.
2. you can start with product uploading on websites, you only know about the internet and don't have any technical skill then watch some easy video on youtube about how to upload products on the website and this can be learned in 30 minutes only.
3. basic HTML and CSS jobs are also available which you can learn and start working on freelancing portals.
4. some member said WordPress is also easy to go as it is not as technical as other website development jobs, you do need to code complex the programme as WordPress helps you in this, you can just choose the design and put the content for the basic website. but you need to learn it and you can easily within hur by watching some videos on youtube. here you can learn about wordpress - First Steps with WordPress
5. building backlinks is a good option, in this, you have to just create backlinks for a website. there are many jobs related to building backlinks on upwork, Fiverr and other portals.
These are some skills you can start doing freelancing, I will keep adding more as I will get more ideas from group members. Good luck

How to start Freelancing as a Beginner & Get your First Project

This is a Helpful guide for all those new freelancers who are just getting started in freelancing or want to start freelancing. In this post, we have mentioned all the points from starting to getting your first job and keep doing good work. 

I am not an expert but I have more than 5 years experience in freelancing and helping people on how to start. I have a group on facebook for IT Freelancers, the group name is IT Freelancers Community. you can join here - My Facebook Group for IT freelancers. Better you all these to get help any time when you need.

This post is all about my experience I have earned through these 5 years over Upwork and other freelancing portals. I believe this will definitely help you. Now let's start - 

How to start freelancing as beginner and get your first job
How to start freelancing as a beginner and get your first job
1. Anyone can become a freelancer like a college student, part-time worker, graduate student or even school student too but Get some skills (minimum one major skill like Graphic designing, SEO, Video editing etc) It could be anything which you like to learn and  which is in demand (Not saying you must have great coding skills), you must be skilled enough to complete a basic job in time with quality so that you can easily get more jobs and continue your freelancing career with good earning. 

Anyone can become freelancer
Anyone can become a freelancer

2. Freelancing Portal - Choose a Freelancing portal. there are many to choose from. these days people are leaving upwork because of their hard policies so you better choose something new like I personally using SMARTSOCIATESIf you still want to join Upwork and need approval then let me know through my WhatsApp - +918295814224 as I know how to fix this issue and how to get approval for Upwork account.

3. Read the guidelines and policies of the portal which you have chosen to start freelancing on. Otherwise, it will be in the result as account suspension. There are some rules which must be followed on each platform.

Freelancing portal guideline
Freelancing portal guideline

4. Good in writing and speaking English - Must have good writing and communication skills in English, so that you can well understand client requirement and respond well with client queries. Most of the client first checks if the freelancer can communicate well or not. so learn to speak and write good English so that you can understand and tell your client about the project and all things.

good in writing and speaking english for freelancing
good in writing and speaking English

5. Professional Profile - Create a profile using right information like use professional profile picture, good title according to your skill, writing an accurate overview, choose a right category of your skills, add portfolios, give relevant tests, upwork readiness test (only for upwork), add your education and work history. complete your profile upto 100%.

make your profile professional
make your profile professional

6. Keep Hourly rate Lower - Keep your profile's hourly rate minimum around $5 or $6, as you are just starting to try with minimum rates, later you can increase with the completion of the job. you can bid on fixed price jobs too like some small jobs around$50, $100.

hourly rate of freelancer in beginning
hourly rate of freelancer in the beginning

7.Right Job Selection - Now profile creation is done and next comes to bidding and right job selection - Only bid for those clients who have verified their payment method, hire percentage and job related to your skills. I also check the client country.

how to find the right job on freelancing portal
how to find the right job on freelancing portal

8. Check Client Avg. Hourly Rate - Check their avg hourly rate paid and total amount spent. if the client is very old but he has not spent much then according to my suggestions this job should be ignored as this will just waste our bid and time. There are many clients I have seen on upwork with very old profile and with lot of money spent but they hire people $1 per hour or even less so do not bid for those clients.

check client average hourly rate spend
check client average hourly rate spend

9. Know the Client - Now you have selected a job to bid but the last factor to check is how is the feedback for that client which he has got from freelancers on previous jobs. do not work with the bad client either they offering you good rates or hire want to hire immediately or offering more work. because in the end you will get project cancellation without any reason and this will frustrate too. you will only get a bad review on the profile (which is worst in freelancing).

know your client before you bid on that job
know your client before you bid on that job

10. Understand client requirement - After selecting your job read it completely, try to understand client requirement, you should not bid if you can not fulfil client requirement on time and with the quality, he is expecting. There may be secret word or phrase to be mentioned in the cover letter and if you miss this then client will not read your bid and will simply ignore your profile.

understand client requirment before you bid
understand client requirment before you bid

11. Write a good Cover Letter - Now time to bid with a professional cover letter which consists of - good greeting, explain client requirement and how you will do this (your detailed approach), show similar projects and links, end with giving time availability to talk and interview. Take time to write a good cover letter, do not rush in submission.

cover letter matters for winning job
cover letter matters for winning a job
12. Bid according to the number of Bids you get - There is a limitation to bid on the number of jobs in one month (onupwork you can bid only on 30 jobs), this is different for each freelancing portals. so bid accordingly, do not spend all bid just in one day.

Number of bids are limited
Number of bids is limited

13. Respond Immediately -When you get a response on your bid, try to respond immediately so better you get their app install in your phone.

respond immediately to client message or invite
respond immediately to client message or invite

14. Invite By Client - when a client post a job on upwork he sees some relevant skill profiles recommended by upwork to whom client can invite for interview, in this upwork also recommend new profiles too. its great opportunity if you ever get an invite from the client.

 you must thank the client and proceed with the same procedure which you follow to bid on other jobs but do not bid if you think this is not possible for you as some invite could be of different expectations.

project invitation on freelancing portal
project invitation on freelancing portal

15. Best time to bid on jobs - This is considered that there is the time which is best to bid for jobs like early morning, late night, weekend etc. so you can try this if you are not getting the response on your bid. 

best time to bid on freelance jobs
best time to bid on freelance jobs

Most important - Freelancing is all about patience, you need to be patient when you will be starting your career as it takes time in getting your first response and so on you keep getting project after project if you are doing great.

This is what I have learnt and experienced in my career, Now time to answer your queries so comment your questions and i will answer. if you think There is need to be changed or you have some other points which could be listed here. Hope this will improve your freelancing career and you will get more success.

If you still have any question then please write in the comment section,  Good Luck!

How to start Freelancing as a Beginner & Get your First Project

This is a Helpful guide for all those new freelancers who are just getting started in freelancing or want to start freelancing. In this p...