How Upwork paid connect policy will change the freelancing, how it will affect freelancers, Is this good or bad

Upwork is considered as best freelancing platform as there are millions of freelancers and thousands of clients who post their requirements but now it will not be favourite anymore. here on this platform, you can do almost any type of job. 

But in the last few years competition is really high on this platform so this is why they have limited new profiles, they are accepting only a few freelancers according to their skills. but still, a thousand new profile is been created on this platform with some crook. So competition is still high and to overcome this issue Upwork has come with a new policy which is paid connects.

Before now, freelancers and agencies were getting free connects, freelancers were getting 60 connects per month and could bid on maximum 30 jobs (2 connects per job) Now you have to buy these connects starting $0.15 per connect. Below you can see how you need to spend your connects depends on the budget of the project.

Upwork connect pricing Update

for new freelancers who are just beginning, this is not good but for those who are genuine and have good experience in their skills is good.

How this will affect freelancing on upwork-

1. for experienced freelancer this is a really good step as they will get more project because fewer proposals will be sent now.
2. for the beginner they need to spend for getting their first job which is difficult on upwork
3. client will receive fewer proposals so this will save their time to go through each proposal to choose the best freelancer.
4. upwork will earn more with this step - I hope they will reduce fee charges as they deduct 20% now
5. for agency owner they need to take agency plus membership for $20 per month if they need to buy more connects
6. Now freelancer will read the job properly because they have to spend money to bid
7. client will receive real proposals

Negative affect on Upwork

1. People are living upwork and joining other platforms like smartsociates
2. It could be a disastrous decision by upwork and result at the end of this portal.

There could be more points which you can add in comments below but overall if we see the competition in freelancing, this is a really good step by upwork, What are your thoughts on this, please let us know in comments.  

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